hi s 200

Free Spirit Hi'S' 200 Carp Rods

We set out (some would say foolishly) to produce a rod capable of casting in excess of 200 yards with a baited rig but that had the taper, look and feel of a normal carp rod. The result after considerable testing is the Hi-'S' 200.

When Mark Hutchinson joined our team he came with a reputation of destroying all the carp rods he used – even boasting he could break through the excesses of casting any rod you put in front of him. Even though he has tried repeatedly he has yet to break the 200's. Built from the same 40t Low Resin Carbon as the other Hi-'S' blanks these rods have a crisp, smooth action with no 'snatch' and are still light and slim with a very fast recovery to eliminate tip bounce that cuts down distance.

With the benefit of a comparatively soft tip they are still capable of playing fish with a little care. In the right hands a very formidable specialist tool when the ultimate distance is essential.

12 or 13 models available


                                                            Starting Price £TBC 




Both models are available with either a 40mm or 50mm ring set and with either a standard abbreviated butt grip, a full duplon or a full cork handle

Discounts available on sets of rods, 5% on a pair 10% on 3 or more.