Trebuchet Lite 12 & 13ft

Essentially Harrison have come up with a rod which slots between the existing Trebuchet and the TE Torrix in terms of casting power. The 12 & 13'' Trebuchet is a big casting rod, but many of us probably found it a little too powerful to be able to get the best out of it.

A rod needs to cast a long way, but you need to choose a rod that suits you, and works with you.The Trebuchet was conceived as the ultimate distance rod, but you really need good technique and plenty of power to exploit it properly. This new lighter version is aimed at the majority of us who want the distance, but want it effortlessly, a rod that can work with us.

In the "Light" I  have built a touch  more "springiness" into the butt, and this makes the rod feel very alive. It also makes it a little less demanding on technique and timing. The tip has also been modified from the original Trebuchet, but very slightly as I want to keep the tip speed as high as possible to keep the maximum distance casting potential. Construction is using low resin, high modulus carbon with lightweight carbon scrims, plus a 3k fabric finish in the lower half.

In addition to the ease of casting, this new rod will also have a little more "playability" when you get a fish.

Std build is 50mm Kigan 3D ring set

Fuji DPS 20 reel seat trimmed with a stainless collar either side

A slim Japanese Shrink Rubber butt grip and finished with a stainless butt cap.


  • 12''  £359.00 each
  • 13''  £365.00 each